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Privacy is a core value at ZUMO.  We appreciate that there are a variety of beliefs relating to privacy.  ZUMO caters to those that require a high level of privacy.  We share your information with NO non-governmental entity or person.  We will share your information with the government if we are legally required to or to the police to assist in their investigation of a crime.  No external entity has physical or digital access to your data unless you make a payment via credit card or EFTPOS.  In these cases, only the essential information regarding the transaction is transmitted.  If you save your credit card number using our online payment system, your credit card details are stored at our payment processor.  Using novel technology, ZUMO avoids the storage of credit card numbers on any ZUMO systems.


ZUMO sends no marketing information to you!  We may send you information regarding additions and significant changes to our digital services (e.g. Member Kiosk, text services, online portals).


Internal access to your information is extremely limited.  Team members are unable to access your records directly.  This is why we are unable to simply "look you up" when you forget your ZUMO Card.


Data Security.  We use industry standard equipment and software to protect your data.  Your information is encrypted at the storage layer for additional protection.  We do not directly gather or store your payment details.  Unfortunately, no data or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.


Records.  ZUMO records and retains all transactions for everyone's protection and audit purposes.  This includes video recording and transaction logging.  Members can be confident in the security of their deposits.