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Store Terms and Code of Conduct


Great coffee, outstanding customer service, great atmosphere, and relaxing are descriptions that we strive to stimulate. As a guiding principle, anyone on ZUMO controlled property is required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with these objectives. To avoid all doubt ZUMO reserves the exclusive right to determine or adjust the determination of what is disturbing, offensive, undesirable, inappropriate, confrontational, and mistreatment. The following behaviours are forbidden on ZUMO property -


Uninvited solicitation of any kind including the unauthorised deposit or distribution of printed material*

Unauthorised performances, reproduction of performances, or the generation of disturbing noise*

Unauthorised scavenging*

Mistreatment, unauthorised use, or theft of ANY property

Confrontational or offensive behaviour of ANY KIND, towards ANY PERSON OR DOMESTIC ANIMAL, including the service of legal documents to ANY PERSON

Inappropriate deposit of undesirable material including the release of offensive odours

Use of offensive words

Display of offensive materials, offensive clothing, offensive lack of clothing, or offensive gestures

Unauthorised deposit or placement of material, equipment, or objects

Unauthorised access to any area of the property as reasonably designated


* Any authorisation MUST be in writing by an authorised ZUMO manager.