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wholesale - workplace

If you consume at least 1kg per fortnight at your workplace and are looking for a superior coffee product, then a ZUMO wholesale account is the way to go. Our focus is to consistently deliver exceptional, fresh, fair trade, organic, specialty coffee at an attractive price.

Payment methods

Credit Card

POLi (Internet Banking)

Direct Bank Deposit

Direct Debit (Pre-Authorisation Required)

Account Charge (Pre-Authorisation Required)

use the links below to setup an online wholesale account

Set up a ZUMO Coffee Wholesale Account

Set up a Resurgence Coffee Wholesale Account

the process

Once you set up an account, you will receive a welcome email and we will review your account status

Upon account approval, you will receive an email and then you are ready see pricing and enter orders


Orders received no later than Monday will be fulfilled Tuesday and Wednesday. Our coffee is fresh roasted and we have a set production schedule. We are unable to process wholesale orders outside of this schedule. Plan ahead and avoid emergencies! If you need coffee urgently outside of our production schedule, you can place a retail order Here. Please note that public holidays impact our wholesale schedule. We will inform you of any adjustments.


If you have any questions or need to further discuss payment options and account setup, then contact us Here.